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Vat Services at Teesside Financial Accountants


VAT has become a more and more complex form of taxation and many business owners now feel unable to keep track of what is and isn’t allowable within VAT. If you are struggling to keep up with the legislation and feel you may be missing something, let Teesside Financial Accountants complete your monthly, quarterly or annual VAT returns on your behalf. We will not only make sure your returns are filed on time but also provide you with advice and support to keep you on the right side of HMRC and make sure you claim for everything to which you are entitled.

Let us take it off your hands…

  • Drop off or ask for us to collect your invoices, bank statements, etc;

  • We do all the processing;

  • Prepare and submit your VAT Returns

  • We can then easily prepare for you…

  • You pick up or we can drop off the records (neatly filed and organised!) and all the information we’ve agreed to provide you with.

Whichever services you require, we will integrate your support systems into a single, easy to use package, saving you time and effort.

Thinking of Registering For VAT?

VAT registration is optional if your turnover is less than £85,000 (1 April 2018). If your turnover exceeds £85,000 (in the last 12 months), then VAT registration is mandatory.

VAT registration is a big step for any business. Many business owners considering voluntary registration are put off by the prospect of increased paperwork and the potential for a hefty bill from HMRC. But VAT registration can also be a good financial decision. Make sure that you properly consider all potential outcomes.

At Teesside Financial Accountants are happy to discuss with you:

  • The pros and cons of being VAT registered in relation to your individual business circumstances.

  • The registration process and assistance with VAT registration.

  • The best book keeping system for you to keep you compliant.

  • Any further assistance we can offer.


Extended opening hours because we know that it's not always possible for you to contact or meet with us during normal office hours.

Monday to Sunday
8am to 9pm

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